Architecture of Family: Past

The full-length documentary film – adapted from this live production – is now available for purchase here.

The original live production was presented on May 6 & 7, 13 & 14, 2016 at All Pilgrims Christian Church, Seattle, WA.
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The Architecture of Family & the Art of Self-Discovery is a production telling the story of Stephen's journey of coming out to his intensely conservative family, and the way they navigated the path of becoming the loving, supportive family they are today.

Stephen was born into a fundamentalist home, the son of a Baptist preacher.  He knew early on that he was gay, but he stayed closeted out of fear and shame and gave the appearance of being 'the perfect preacher's son'. Shortly after graduating from Bob Jones University, Stephen married his high school sweetheart Brenda and they started a family.  Eventually Stephen confessed his orientation, and after years of incredibly destructive ‘conversion therapy’ trying to ‘fix’ Stephen and save their marriage, they divorced.

Soon after the divorce, Stephen met his now-husband James, and they have been happily partnered and then married for over 15 years.  Through those years, Stephen, James, and Brenda created a strong, new relationship based on honesty, love, and support while raising Stephen and Brenda’s two sons.

The Architecture of Family & the Art of Self-Discovery shows Stephen's journey and the family's transformation through interview video clips, original choral compositions performed live, and sets designed to usher the audience into the narrative.

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