Architecture of Family: Current Projects

We are excited to announce that The Architecture of Family and the art of self-discovery – the full-length documentary film – is available for purchase! You can order DVD copies of this film here.

You can read more about our production team here.

The Architecture of Family & the Art of Self-Discovery is a production telling the story of Stephen's journey of coming out to his intensely conservative family, and the way they navigated the path of becoming the loving, supportive family they are today.

"Our mantra is Families. Celebrating. Freedom. Above all, we believe that loving families are built by celebrating individual freedom. We want this story to be an example to broken families – even deeply shattered ones – that it is possible to heal and love each other."  - Stephen Marshall-Ward

The Architecture of Family and the art of self-discovery is a full-length documentary film that was originally presented as a live multimedia performance in May 2016 at All Pilgrims Christian Church in Seattle, WA. It included prerecorded documentary-style film clips and interviews, with live musical responses performed by reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble. All music and lyrics were written by Stephen Marshall-Ward, unless otherwise noted.

**This is a completely independent production. If you plan to show this film to a group please see our group licensing page for information about group showing fees.**